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From the Top 

Murdock Financial Group was founded in 1975 by Timothy Murdock. The early days started when Tim was in the insurance business while still in college. He became licensed to sell insurance and started to become successful during his junior and senior years. Always having an interest in finance and people, Tim completed his undergraduate work in sociology. Upon graduating from Central Missouri State University, because of his work history, he had several job opportunities. He chose Dun and Bradstreet and spent time in both Kansas City and New York. Tim ultimately decided being in business for himself was really what he was called to do. He left the corporate grind and moved back to Warrensburg in 1973 to be in the financial services industry. 

Knowing the success rate for an insurance agent was only about 3%, he knew he would have to work hard. In 1975, Tim struck out on his own and began the history of Murdock  Financial Group. Realizing that financial planning was the future, he decided to continue his education and gain certification. At that point, he enrolled in the American College in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, in 1986. While working full time, he did his coursework in the evenings and weekends. In 1991, he took the last of the final exams and graduated with the professional designation of Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC®). As time went on, Tim’s vision of the group continued to expand and momentum grew as the firm gained more team members and eventually a business partner. 

From Two to Team 

In 1994, Mark Banner relocated from Ohio to Missouri. Mark’s interest in the financial services industry began by taking an accounting class while in high school. After spending two semesters in college, he served a mission for his church. Because of the accounting class background, he spent several months in the mission office as a financial secretary. Mark learned that he liked working with people and money, but not particularly accounting. Upon returning to college, Mark visited with several counselors indicating his interests and was given the curriculum for two different programs related to financial planning. After reviewing them, he decided to pursue a degree in Family Financial Planning and Counseling. 

In December 1984, Mark went to work for a regional financial planning firm in Ohio that specialized in retirement planning. He spent his first five years as an analyst creating detailed retirement plans to determine if retirement was feasible. While there, Mark also earned his Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) and Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC®) designations. For the next five years, he continued to develop his skills by presenting and explaining these financial plans to his clients, as well as working with them on their investment portfolios. 

With their night and day personality differences, Tim and Mark hit it off and formed Murdock Banner Financial Group. While their personalities were different, their morals and client dedication were the same. Over the next 20 years the firm continued to grow. The two knew to provide for their clients they would need to add more staffing. 

Craig’s strong ties to central Missouri dated back to the early 1980’s with Whiteman Air Force Base bringing his family to the area. After graduating as a proud Warrensburg High Tiger in 1993, Craig made his transition to a Mule and continued his education at what was then known as Central Missouri State University. As Craig rounded out his final year in college, he began working at Mercantile Bank, which is now US Bank. While gaining valuable experience in the banking industry, Craig knew he ultimately wanted to pursue a career in the securities industry. Craig reached out to Tim and shared his future goals. At the time, Murdock Banner Financial Group was not structured to train and support an entry-level college graduate, but Tim encouraged Craig to stay with the bank and gain securities training, registrations, and experience. 

In 1997, after graduating with his bachelor’s degree, Craig transitioned within the bank from Teller to Credit Analyst and relocated from Warrensburg to Sedalia. By 1999, he was managing his own bank branch and pursing his master’s degree. In 2001, after five years on the banking side of the financial services industry, Craig landed the opportunity to be part of the securities industry as a Financial Advisor at the bank. Craig completed his MBA and excelled as a Financial Advisor. During the next ten years, Craig built a large clientele encompassing many communities including Sedalia, Warrensburg, Clinton, Marshall and Warsaw. In the meantime, Craig continued his education by obtaining a certification in financial planning at University of Missouri-Kansas City in 2007. 

After 13 years in the financial services industry, Craig made the transition from his long-standing tenure with the bank to the independently managed financial adviser platform at Murdock Banner Financial Group. 

Operating for the first 19 years as partners solely based on loyalty to each other; in 2013 Tim and Mark officially made Murdock Banner Financial Group an LLC. This legal change of structure ensures the longevity of Murdock Banner Financial Group for years to come.

On January 3, 2014, Tim Murdock passed away suddenly. His legacy and memories of his contagiously optimistic spirit continue to be honored at Murdock Banner Financial Group. We will never have a corporate culture, our dedication to providing the best care for our clients will never waiver, and our name will always be Murdock Banner Financial Group. 

Today’s Team 

In March of 2014, after talks including Tim in the fall of 2013, Chad Appleton joined the team as a Financial Advisor. Chad is a lifelong resident of Warrensburg and had been managing his own office as an advisor with Waddell & Reed. In the spring of 2016, Carla Curry joined the team as a Financial Advisor. Together, Craig Coen, Chad Appleton, Carla Curry and Mark Banner serve as our team of advisors. Our Client Service team includes Seth Petsch, Katelyn Minks, Katy Carter and Anthony Cowan. Our Communications Team includes Andrea Houseworth, Emilee Hancock and Bram Roden.